Chinese Language

CPEC remarks the strength of the friendship bond between Pakistan & China. This mega project has brought along many opportunities and employment chances for the people of Pakistan. Chinese language, therefore, is of an utmost importance and will be more important in the future. USECS offers a comprehensive training of this potential language. The environment, contents, methodology and instructors tell it all. Online Support lectures from Native Chinese Speakers, awareness seminars and scholarship opportunities make this course more learning oriented. USECS offers HSKK and the levels of professional examination i.e. HSK 1, 2, 3  & 4

Level  : Beginner,  5 Activities                            (2 Months)                                              Rs. 4000/- PM

Daily Task 15-20 Words Per Day including grammar

 Activity No. 1  : Saying Personal Greetings, Climate Greetings, Time Greetings & Introducing yourself

Activity No. 2  : Talking about Date, Time, Weather & Counting

Activity No. 3  : Buying (10 Selected Things) & asking about Prices

Activity No. 4  : Means of Transportation (Directions, Measurements & Positions, Asking the way)

Activity No. 5  : Visiting Doctor / hospital (Explaining health issues, Explaining problems with body parts)

Level  : Intermediate, Total 9 Activities             (3 Month)                                             Rs. 11000/-

Activity No. 6  : Visiting Restaurant & Hotel (Asking about Menu, Foods, Reservation of Room, Asking about facilities & Cost)

Activity No. 7  : Talking with Rescue 1122 (Car Problems, Theft Problems, Harassment Problems)

Activity No. 8  : Visiting Police Station (Introducing yourself, Explaining issues in Past Tense & Using References, Presenting Evidences, Requesting for writing a complaint, Followup Call/Visit)

Activity No. 9 : Visiting Educational Institution (Introducing your qualification, Asking about desired course, Asking about time & days options, Asking about Cost and commencement dates)

LevelBeginner  5 Activities2 MonthsRs. 4000/- PM
LevelAdvance9 Activities3 MonthsRs. 11000/-
LevelProfessional22 Activities4 MonthsRs. 35000/-

German Language

Students who want to study, work, live or migrate to Germany are required to take German language test before processing their applications. To help the students meet this requirement, USECS offers the best German Language classes in KP. The instructors invest their full energy in making the students eligible to speak and listen German and appear in the test. The lectures are specific and practical where students get a versatile exposure of this language. The classrooms are equipped with latest technology to maximise the learning capabilities of the students. Online conversation sessions are organised to make students familiar with the actual and real German accent so that the students can self –assess themselves

LevelBeginner  2 MonthsRs. 35000/-
LevelAdvance3 MonthRs. 65000/-

For details regarding other languages i.e Arabic, French, Korean etc., call at 03339441104